Different Styles

After having a chat with Stas I decided I need to be more free and have my own style because in my previous work it is very unoriginal and straight down the middle using soft shading and simple round brushes.
To vary my style I first need to look at other artists work and imitate it into a piece of my own, first of all I will look for some artists/illustrators styles I like then later try to do them myself, this will help me get out of my own habits and find my own style I like.
I tried to find different to styles I already do and lots of variety.

Avner Geller

Avner Geller is currently working as a Visual Development Artist at DreamWorks Animation. Geller has created concepts, color keys and character designs for DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

tumblr_mzat1p1zRg1rbx04wo1_500 Avner_Geller_Concept_Art_Illustration_12-680x385 Avner_Geller_Concept_Art_Illustration_04-680x584


His art is very cartoony and over exaggerated which is different to what I normally do so will look forward to trying to imitate his style. He uses nice and bright colours and is never realistic with. He often does his art work from stuff that happens to him in the street or things that have happened to him in the past for example he did a bunch of stuff on conversations he had heard in the street while out.

Miki Montllo

Miquel Montlló is a Spanish comic artist and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Miki is currently working on his own comic book, Warship Jolly Roger

Miki_Montllo_Illustration_Art_07-680x731 Miki_Montllo_Illustration_Art_02-680x253 Miki_Montllo_Illustration_Art_11-680x479


Miki’s work like Avner’s is also cartoon like but instead of having un human-like and over exaggeated features they are closer to the real human anatomy while staying cartoony. I liked looking at the hollywood monsters concepts and progress on how he made and developed each character.

Jamel Akib

Jamel Akib was born in Leigh-on-sea, Essex, England, on the 4th November 1965 to mixed English and Malaysian parentage.
He moved to Sabah, North Borneo at the age of five and returned to England to pursue further education at the age of thirteen
He gained a BA honours Degree in Illustration in 1989.

Messi_low Lana_Del_Ray_low Emma_Watson_low


I really like Jamel’s style of work it looks very free which I feel like I need to practice on as I am very reserved with my work. With his sweeping brush strokes, you can tell from Jamel Akib’s energetic illustrations how passionate he is about painting. He loves the feel of paint on the brush and its naturally pleasing effect on canvas. I will be imitating his work in traditional style as he does.

Kagami Yoshimizu

Is a Japanese manga author from Satte,Saitama, Japan. He is perhaps best known as the creator of a four-panel comic strip Lucky Star which has been serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s Comptiq magazine since January 2004. He is also credited for creating Comptiq’smascot character Comp-chan

lucky_star_characters lucky-star_00347723


I really like to watch anime and I like the style so I decided to put a manga artist in here to replicate his work and to try it myself as again it is nothing like what I usually create with my own work.


Year 3 FMP Ideas

Character design and development.
My dissertation is focused around gender in games and female representation in games so I want to do something based around that. I was thinking of doing 2 female characters, both the same person but one which is over sexualized in skimpy clothing and a sexy body then the other one as a more manly and butch character (eg. new lara croft) to show how females are portrayed differently in games.
This is not all I want to do but haven’t figured out what else yet.
I will be using Photoshop to create my drawings.

Looking up other character design documents to see what they had in them:
I will do one of these for each of my characters.

-Pose reference and practice for both.
-Look up clothes how to make them look the same but represent the 2 different types.

  • Credit card concepts
  • Concept sketches
  • Refined sketches
  • Final pieces



At the beginning of the project I was stuck on what I wanted to do for my personal project. I knew that I wanted to do some sort of drawing  and I wanted it to be characters but I didn’t know how I could make this into my own project. We all sat around the front and said what we wanted to do for out project which really helped me because hearing other peoples ideas makes me think of what I could do for myself. I then decided on my idea where I wanted to make my four female characters based on the four elements. I really liked the freedom of this project allowing us to to whatever we wanted. I am very happy about how my 4 characters turned out but am upset that I didn’t get to do my storyboard for them using a more simple style. At first I was ahead of track by completing one character early and doing alot of research but then the deadline snook up on me and I had to do 2 of the characters in a short amount of time which was stressful, this has taught me for next time that I should do a certain amount each week and maybe make some sort of production plan. I feel like I have made a massive improvement on my drawing from last year just simply by practising, here is an example of my work last year and this year:


The one on the left is this year and the one on the right is last year and you can see there is a massive difference. I feel like my lighting and shading has improved massively and also my blending looks much better now I have started using the flow setting. It is always nice to see progress with your work and looking at the difference between these I am very happy and can only get better.

If I was to Start Again..

If I was to start again I would have done lots of concepts for each of the characters but I didn’t have time to do that for this one which is why I compromised by doing just a small concept sheet for each of the elements. I would have also given myself much more time to colour the characters as at the end I had to rush a couple of them. If I had more time I could make changes that I am not happy with on each of them such as the hair on the fire character which I didn’t like very much.
I would have also made a work timetable at the start or set goals for each week on how much I want to have completed by a certain date, this would have helped me with time keeping and how much work I do at each time because alot of the time I get lost track of time and end up painting for about 5 hours which Isn’t good as I need to take breaks while working.

Did I Enjoy the Project?

I really enjoyed this project as I was given the freedom to do what I want so it was hard not  to enjoy it.  Drawing and character creation is my favourite thing to do so I was pretty much in my element with the project but I just wish I didn’t have to rush it and was able to complete everything that I wanted too. I don’t know how it will compare to everyone else’s as I think alot of people have done more game creation, animation etc. but I did what I enjoyed the most and learnt alot along the way as you can see by the difference in work above. As I am not very good at writing narratives and research projects so I didn’t get a very good grade for them I hope to get what I expect for this one as it is what I enjoy the most and feel like it is my strongest point. I also liked the fact I could just get on with this project on my own and not have to rely on anyone else to tell me what to do or ask anyone for help, I could just get on with it in my own time and space which I really liked.

Final Piece



This is my final piece with all 4 paintings put together, I think they look good together and represent each element with simplicity and well. decided to flip the earth character horizontal so it would be more even, I prefer it the other way but with all 4 together I think this way is better. I found the 4 element logos online and decided to use them in my pieces because I feel it just ties them all together well. I’m really glad I used the opaque copy of character in the background because it  makes each piece more interesting and gives a nice close up of the face which I put alot of effort into. Overall I am very happy with my piece especially with the lack of time I gave myself at the end and think I have improved my painting skills alot from last year.

How I Created Fur

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 20.10.33
1. Draw out the colour in a solid block then use the softer brush in a low black/white opacity to create some shadows and highlights.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 20.10.44
2. I then created my own simple brush just by using the pencil on a small canvas and putting in 6-7 dots.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 20.11.08
3. Then with the new brush I created I went over the fur in small strokes with the dodge tool first and then doing the same with the burn tool.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 20.11.22
4. Then using my new brush again using the smudge tool do the same strokes as the burn and dodge tool and push out the colours to create the fur texture.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 20.11.47
5. You can then repeat the process over again to give it a better fur effect.

Practice Paintings

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 19.53.28
I wanted to practice some different styles while practicing my drawing so I decided to create a chibi type character for a league pro player. I do like how it turned out and it was a quick and simple way to create a cute looking picture and I like how it turned out.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 19.53.39

I recently started to watch anime so wanted to do a fan art piece of one of my favourite characters for yet more practice. I have never really tried the anime style art so was good to try something different and would like to do more of it in the future maybe creating some of my own characters or changing already existing characters into more real looking humans.



Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 19.53.49 Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 19.53.56

These are two pieces of line work I did for dome drawing practice, I don’t usually do a bold black outline on my pieces but I wanted to try a different more ‘cartoon’ style. I have yet to finish colouring them yet though. They are both League of Legends inspired, both already being characters but changing them up. The one on the left is a child character which I decided to do in a grown up version and the one on the right was a male and not human character which I decided to make human and female.

Book Sketches



10367597_10154221829650226_7901258229182547405_n 10340003_10154221830265226_4907955209164421975_n

Pose and Body Practice
One of the first things I did in this project was do some sketching in my book on areas which I was not as comfortable with such as the body and poses which I began with. I started off just using lines and circles to get the shape of the body until Stas showed me a more 3D mannequin technique which was much more effective and easier to draw the body shape around, these helped me with the bodies when sketching my final pieces.

Hand Practice
Another area I really struggled with and just used to miss out on drawings was hands so decided to practice them too. I started just drawing hands in random poses then Stas again showed me a good technique where  you use a matchbox type box for the main part of the hand then smaller cubes for each part of the finger. This again was much easier to get the hand shape. I did draw hands in a couple of pieces and think they turned out better than if I didn’t practice like before.


Eye Practice
I wanted to practice eyes because I’m not usually too bad at them but I feel like they are a main point in a painting and can portray alot of emotion so wanted to practice a more realistic looking eye for my paintings. I really like how these sketches turned out.

10313600_10154221830465226_6867784317857843112_n10313437_10154221829125226_6059010898931128465_nScreen Shot 2014-05-21 at 19.46.37
  Random Character Sketches
These are some random sketches of character I did in my book one of which I used for my fire character. The last one is of 2 characters from an already existing game but decided to draw them because I don’t usually draw with pencil and wanted some more practice. I feel like my pencil sketches still aren’t very good but are much better than how they used to be.