Disso Plan


What am I talking about?:

Representation of female character in survival horror games. As strong, independent characters.


Belief that there are stronger, more realistic female characters in this genre. Briefly compare to less realistic strong female characters (e.g. Bayonetta/ Lara Croft/ Etc.)

Perhaps other games/ genres can learn from Survival Horror.


Describe how you are going to investigate these ideas: Analyse 2/3 case studies in detail with regard to their representation as women.


Part 1:

History of female characters in games. What is their role traditionally? (e.g. damsel in distress, Mario, etc.) Including history of strong female characters. What kinds of characters were they?)

Find texts/ writing on female characters.


Part 2:

Case Studies:

2 1x Silent Hill, 1x Resi Evil

Possible 2nd Resi Evil one

Analyse each character in detail. Play through the games, or part of the games. Really think carefully about how EXACTLY they are represented. What makes them strong realistic character? Why are they positive examples.

How they look. How they act/ react to situations.


Part 3:

Comparison/ contrast with other ‘strong’ female characters (Bayonetta/ Lara/ etc.)

Analysis of these characters in same way as Part 2.

THEN: Compare/ contrast these with Part 2 Case studies.



What do these examples and comparisons tell you about the answers to your questions?


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