Exploring Different Styles

First of all I needed to look at other artists styles which I did then try to imitate them into my own work. I chose artists which are unlike my usual style.

I first chose Jamel Akib because his style really struck me, his brush strokes are very free and visible unlike what I usually do with the soft round brush. I was going to do this piece in traditional format like his but then wanted to just get started on it so did it in Photoshop instead. I think you can see the similarities although they aren’t exactly the same you can tell it is influenced by his work although i still thing I had the same habits of being too clean with it which I need to get out of doing.

nikki 17b7dfab3856ab5fde66dc65cc524d47

Second I decided to look at the anime/manga style as I have recently started watching anime and I really like the style and it is different to my usual style. I looked at Kagami Yoshimizu who is the creator of an anime Lucky Star which I have never watched. His characters are very cute and typical anime. I didn’t do my colours as bold and flat as his because I wanted to try different brushes but my characters are still manga style.

lucky-star_00347723 ashlee

Third I looked at Miki Montllo, he has alot of different styles so I decided to choose one piece that I wanted to replicate. I chose this one because it is different from the other styles I tried so would help me develop more. I also liked the bold block colours he used. I noticed he had a speckle to his work so decided to find a dirty paper texture and put it behind my own one to replicate this.

22222 Untitled-12


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