Dissertation Notes

Females in games (broad)
Popular female cosplayers and twitch streamers
Use example of a certain game (eg. tomb raider to research in more depth)
Instead of it being so broad in all games narrow it down to a genre (eg. Horror)

The Lara Phenomenon: Powerful Female Characters in Video Games

How females act compared to males
– 3 of the 9 women were portrayed in a submissive pose
How they are dressed
– The female characters were generally “hypersexualized”
– their unrealistically large breasts and very small waists were emphasized through revealing clothing or partial nudity (Children Now, 2001).
Women in leading roles
-24% of the men were represented in a dominant position, whereas none of the women were
– Only 15% of the female characters attained the status of a hero in the game.
Gender roles
– e.g. helper, villain
– The other female characters were princesses or wise old women, typically in a position to be released by the leading male character.
And position
– for example, dominant or submissive
Percentage of males and females in games
– A vast majority of 92% was male (115 characters); only 8% was female (9 characters).
-Thirty percent of the games did not have a female character in either the leading part or a supporting role. When the game did contain a female character, she was in 21% of the cases portrayed in a submissive, stereotypical position (Dietz, 1998) The emerging pattern was confirmed by the study commissioned by Children Now (2001).
Change in recent games
-The dominant trend should not blind us to the fact that the results of Ramírez et al. (2002) seem indicative of some change.


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