1 to 1 Notes

Concepts Art to Improve the quality of Photoshop skills

Exploration of stylistic trends, I would try to imitate other artist styles.

Go to library art styles, Illustration. Use Pinterest site to communicate.

Suggestion of free up style by seeking out life drawing class in the evening at the PCA.

See Daisy about extra lessons in Photoshop.


What do you want to achieve?

Link to the dissertation gender in games. Possible.


Theme: a group of characters one in over sexualised way one character more conservative. These characters would be in a contemporary setting. There is a difficult balancing act in this project between making another gender stereo type or making a comment on gender equality.

Make a character design document, with backstories.

The design and layout of the document need to be import.

You need to:

Create conceptually your characters. And start to develop a back story.  And names. And other details.

Exploring a range of concept art styles and test or imitate these styles.

Explore Photshop and look at expanding your knowledge and skills. Be experimental.  Look at work that is out of your comfort zone.

Develop how gender is contextualised in the artworks. Discuss the issues in the artwork. Look layout and design books.

Test and mock up in illustrator some designs on how to us text and visuals to create you final design document.

What is the end product? Might be a blurb book???


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